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Sarah now works with True North on a wide variety of large scale government contracts and supply chain opportunities as a Capture Specialist for True North Logistics. She brings over six years of Government contracting with her.

Her most recent position was as the Grand Rapids MI PTAC Director where in less than six months she successfully signed up almost 250 clients and trained most of them from the ground up. Her clients have exceeded the standard guidelines most getting their first government contract that had received their first government contracts in a few months from signing on.

Sarah began her contracting carrier in the commercial sector as part of a successful government contracting team in Florida.

Upon her return to Michigan she joined the Kalamazoo Procurement Technical Assistance center in 2007 helping small and large businesses contract with the Federal, Local and State governments as part of a non-profit organization funded by the Department of Defense and State of Michigan. Sarah has served on state and national level committees of procurement professionals.