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We signed with True North after much deliberation over the value it would add versus the dollars investedThat is exactly how the True North representatives presented their service, as “An Investment”.  It took three months to win our first award for eight thousand dollars.  In less than eight months, we have been awarded just under one million in contract dollars.  We received our first payment, via direct deposit, before the pallet of goods actually left our dock.  Incredible!

Is a strong commitment and hard work required to achieve success utilizing True North’s expertise?  Yes.  Is the reward a reality?  Absolutely.

Was I skeptical?  Yup, what good businessman wouldn’t be.

In my 30+ years of doing business, I value people of good character above any monetary gain I could attain.  True North is built upon people of that nature.  I would strongly recommend their services to anyone wanting to get in the theater of supplying the U.S. Government with their product and service and True North has the experience to make that happen.”

-Chris Austin, President, Richmond Steel, Inc.


My company, Advanced Defense Vehicle Systems (ADVS), started working with True North about seven years ago and we have been so pleased with their professional support every step of the way. They have helped us perfect major proposals for military vehicles as well as helping us find opportunities that fit our capabilities. Through this process, General Lott and the entire True North team have become a valuable and indispensable
asset to ADVS. We look to them for support across the board. I would highly recommend True North to any company wishing to diversify into Government contracting.

– James LeBlanc, Jr., President, ADVS, Lake Orion, MI


As a manufacturer of sophisticated electronic components for the Military, RFCircuits has received many government contracts over the years but, with the support of the team at True North, we are responding to more and better opportunities every month. The sophisticated web-based systems that True North employs helps assure that the most lucrative opportunities come to my attention. Whether just starting with government contracting or if you are a long-term supplier, True North can help you expand your business.

– Chuck Foster, President, RFCircuits, Philadelphia